Saturday, August 23, 2014


Welcome to Bdecan Presbyterian Church

Tokio, ND

 Kevin Kaufmann, Moderator/Pastor

Tokio, ND
 Office Email:
Pastor's Email:
Joe Obermeyer
 Youth and Outreach Coordinator
PO Box 141
Tokio ND
Phone: (701) 294-2283
Worship Schedule:
The 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, worship is at 12:30pm led by Pastor Kevin Kaufmann

The 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sunday of the month, worship is at 11:00am led by Elder Hilda Garcia
Sunday, August 17th
Sunday, August 24th
 Sunday, August 31st
Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted.
Kids through 5th grade are welcomed to join us in the fellowship room across the hall each week for Sunday school, after the first few minutes of worship.
What's happening at Bdecan:
Are you wanting more information on things happening at Bdecan Presbyterian Church? You can download the Bdecan Newsletter here. Click on the link below to download the newsletter for this month.
Sunday school and K.I.C.K (Kid's In Christ Kingdom):
Bdecan Presbyterian Church is continuing it's programing for kid's through 5th grad this summer. The kid's are learning about many of the heroes of the Old Testament. Some of these heroes include Moses, Noah, Joseph, Jonah, David, and Joshua. The kid's have been excited each week to see who our new Bible hero was. Our fall quarter will begin on August 31st.
Bdecan Food Pantry opened Thursday, August 21st:
Come to the Bdecan food Pantry from 6-8pm Thursday, August 21st. We will be giving out a hot meal while you wait to receive food, and a box of food to help get you through the end of the month. Please remember to bring a box with you. If you do not have a box, there will be no food. Sorry for any inconvenience. The Bdecan Food Pantry is located just South of Tokio, near Woodlake.
If you have any questions please call:
Joe Obermeyer (701) 294-2283
We are always looking for help packing boxes. If you are available the evening of August 21st to help pack boxes please call:
Joe Obermeyer
(701) 294-2283.
Bdecan Presbyterian Church
Mission Statement
The mission of the Bdecan Presbyterian Church of Tokio, North Dakota on the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation is to grow as Christ’s witness in our community and reservation worshipping God through prayer, helping each other, fellowship, and Sunday morning worship. While keeping Christ’s love at our center and supporting each one's spiritual journey, we move towards eternal life as one body to fulfill God’s will on earth.
(adopted by the Bdecan Session November 1, 2009)
"Bdecan" (pronounced Bah-DAY Chan) means "Wood Lake" in the Dakota language. Bdecan Presbyterian Church is the only Indian Presbyterian Church in the State of North Dakota.  It was founded as a mission church in 1879 and formally organized in 1881.  Bdecan Presbyterian Church is a member of the Dakota Presbytery, and is located on the Spirit Lake Reservation in North-central, North Dakota.